Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My hair and my confidence both are back. Thanks to the detailed hair loss product review at:

Hi I’m Sam. I had an amazing experience a few months back and I’d like to share it with all of you through this blog and specially with those people who are suffering from hair loss. I am all of 32. One fine morning as I looked at myself in the mirror, I was horrified to discover that I was developing a bald patch on my head. Even though i was losing a lot hair for some months but i was not expecting an ugly bald spot. I thought to myself, man, I’m not even married! Slowly the patch began to grow and I started getting paranoid. By the end of Jan. 2007 the bald patch became very noticeable, so noticeable that even my friends started to make comments. Comments I didn’t quite appreciate. Unfortunately the only person who was sensitive to my problem was "Just Me".

Until one day I met a distant cousin at a party. He told me to about Zulvera – a Hair Loss solution from India. Initially I was a bit skeptical so I logged on to the Internet to find out more about Zulvera. I wanted to be sure; after all it’s about my hair. I couldn’t take any risk. That's when i came across (please go through this site before investing time or money in any hair loss product) and read about Zulvera and other hair loss products. That site was such an eye opener. I found out that most of these so called hair loss products are scams and only a few products like Zulvera and Provillus are actually effective. Zulvera is a herbal shampoo that promised to be effective and cover my bald patch. It also seemed to fit very well into my budget. I was even more convinced since it is said to have been made with some herbs and natural products. After reading the reviews I also went through testimonials of a few people who had used Zulvera and had emerged as confident individuals with thick and quick growth of hair. It felt positive and I wanted to take the plunge. I even decided to buy Provillus and use it in combination with Zulvera shampoo for quick results.

Now here's the part you guys are waiting for...

The results till now have been miraculous. Simply Amazing. I am sooo glad that I replaced my daily shampoo with a bottle of Zulvera and started using Provillus. In a matter of few months, my hair loss problem was completely solved and my patchy baldness almost disappeared. My friends noticed it and complimented me, all thanks to Zulvera. If you too are suffering from the same problem, I strongly recommend this shampoo to you. It’s safe, it’s fast and unlike most other medicines, lotions and shampoos, it has absolutely no side effects. If you want even quicker results and are willing to spend some extra cash then i recommend using Provillus along with Zulvera. Go ahead friends replace your everyday shampoo with Zulvera hair growth shampoo and free yourself from the shackles of hair loss for ever.

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